Calendar of National Outdoor and Service Events | NATIONAL PUBLIC LANDS DAY

Calendar of National Outdoor and Service Events


Girl scout volunteering at Kenilworth Park and Aquatic Gardens.

Prepare your 2014 calendar of volunteer, recreation and education events. We've collected a list of some of the most popular nationwide events that can help guide your programming and attract new visitors to your public land. Choose only a couple to support (such as NPLD), or try to do an activity for all of them! Many of these events encourage youth to participate, so plan ahead and invite a school, scout troop or church group to attend.


Important Volunteer and Outdoor Event Dates




  • 14-17: Great Backyard Bird Count. Annual 4-day event that engages bird watchers of all ages in counting birds to create a real-time snapshot of where the birds are.



  • 17-23: National Wildlife Week. Education program designed around teaching and connecting kids to the awesome wonders of wildlife. 





  • 16: Endangered Species Day. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's 41st anniversary of the Endangered Species Act. 
  • 17: Kids to Parks Day. Every family is invited to take their kids to a local park and play outdoors.



  • Great Outdoors Month. 
  • 7: National Trails Day. American Hiking Society's annual event celebrating trails. 
  • 14: National Get Outdoors Day. Event to encourage healthy, active outdoor fun.
  • 28: Great American Backyard Campout. People across the nation will gather in their backyards, neighborhoods, communities and parks to take part in an event all about re-connecting with nature.








  • TBD: Christmas Bird Count. The longest running citizen science survey in the country. Identify birds and collect data for researchers.