Boy Scouts


Boy Scouts are invited to participate in National Public Lands Day and give back to the public lands they love.

Whether Boy Scouts volunteer on NPLD for two hours or all day long, they:

  • Develop a sense of conservation stewardship and nature appreciation
  • Experience the pleasure of serving the community
  • Have fun outdoors
  • Learn about the natural world


Boy Scouts at Caddo Lake.What can Boy Scouts do on NPLD?

  • Install bird boxes;
  • Plant trees and native vegetation;
  • Improve wildlife habitat;
  • Clean up trash;
  • Collect native seeds;
  • Repair stream banks;
  • Clean or build trails;
  • Remove invasive plants;
  • Paint picnic tables and renew campgrounds;
  • And much more!


What materials do Boy Scouts receive by participating?

Boy Scout troops that register for NPLD can use the Online Media Toolkit to advertise their event and attract more volunteers. Downloadable appreciation certificates are also available for each Scout. Each registered troop will have their event listed on the NPLD website.