Federal Agency Partners

Bureau of Land Management

The Bureau of Land Management is responsible for over 260 million acres of federally owned land, mostly in the western United States and Alaska, as well as the federal subsurface mineral estate.

Department of Defense

In 1990, Congress passed legislation establishing the Legacy Resource Management Program to provide financial assistance to the Department of Defense (DoD) efforts to preserve our natural and cultural heritage.

Environmental Protection Agency

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) protects human health and safeguards the natural environment - air, water and land - upon which life depends. EPA employees work with states, tribes, businesses and the general public to ensure the implementation of environmental legislation.

Forest Service

The USDA Forest Service is dedicated to preserving the nation's forests and grasslands. The Forest Service manages over 190 million acres of land, funds research into sustainability and forestry and assists countries around the world to protect global forests and grasslands.

National Estuaries Week

National Public Lands Day is pleased to partner with National Estuaries Week.  This year marks the 25th Anniversary of National Estuaries Week. Normally a one day event, National Estuaries Day has been extended into a week-long series of celebrations taking place from September 23-29.