State and Local Agency Partners | NATIONAL PUBLIC LANDS DAY

State and Local Agency Partners

Cities, Towns and Urban Areas

To experience the natural world, you do not have to travel to a distant forest or national park. Most Americans can access nature and take part in recreation activities thanks to their local city and town parks departments. 

Regional and County Parks

Regional and county partners include, forest preserves, park districts, metropolitan regional park systems and open space commissions. They work to protect the environment and promote recreation to networks of inter-connected cities.

Schools and Universities

One of the goals of National Public Lands Day is to teach young people about the beauty of public lands and the importance of volunteering. Schools and universities are invited to host NPLD events as a way to engage their students to be active in their local community.  With NPLD occuring at the beginning of the school year, planning and participating in an NPLD event can be a bonding experience that helps students make new friends and learn about their school and neighborhood.